The Story Of: Summer Memories

The Story Of: Summer Memories

I would like to tell you the story of the three illustrations featured in our first collection, New Beginnings, called Summer Memories. The inspiration for this series came after a particularly significant experience I had, on a summer day, long ago. 

Summer Memories I

This day has become part of me. I remember every little detail, as if it had happened just minutes ago. On that day, between the mountains and late in the day, the summer sun still made our skin buckle under the heat. I enjoyed the pressure, made me feel closer to all the beauty around me touched by those same rays of light and warmth. 'Maybe just keep my toes in a bit', I thought, as he, feeling the sudden urge to cool down, dove right into the water... 

...feeling like every molecule around him was making room for his body, as if welcoming him home. His ears flooded, he could hear a different kind of silence here, in this submerged universe. His eyes still closed, he was diving deeper and deeper. His body felt like a link between the warmth of the sun he felt in his toes close to the surface, and the chill of the deep, he sensed with his fingertips. Meanwhile...

... I felt how the coolness of the water was slowly spreading across my entire being. 'What a great day,' I thought to myself, as I reached for her phone. 'On second thought, let's just keep this for us', I whispered smiling, fully aware that no one was there to hear me.

I smile the same smile today, as I am reliving every moment of that day...  The perfect summer memory. 

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