Frame of Mind, a DecoSpoon Collection

To successfully deliver yet another stunning collection, Stella & Robert spent time on introspection, understanding their own feelings and frames of mind.

They were kind to answer a few questions regarding their process and way of thinking when creating Frame of Mind.

This collection tackles a serious subject matter. Why have you chosen it?

STELLA: I am currently in a period of life when I want to live in a more intentional way and for that I have to understand myself, my feelings and my actions. Because of that, I spend a lot of time discovering myself and the world around me, and it’s not unusual for artists to illustrate their current state of mind, so I suppose the subject came naturally.

ROBERT: We thought of it because we think it is a powerful emotion. That moment when you are all alone with yourself and your own thoughts, in that state of almost meditation. You think of things you do not have time to think about in the hectic daily life. So I think it is more the slowing down, reaching deep inside yourself, that attracted me to this subject matter.

Have you encountered any difficulties in creating the artworks for this collection?

STELLA: Not really! Probably the only small difficulty I had was wanting to “keep it simple” and it was hard not to go overboard with all the elements I felt like drawing.

ROBERT: The only problem I had was choosing only 5 from all the ideas I had :). I think I made the right choices though, this collection turned out close to our expectations.

Which is your favorite illustration from this collection? Why?

STELLA: Solitude is my favorite one. I feel deeply connected to this illustration because I’ve learned that I am not alone in experiencing loneliness, there are a lot of people feeling just like me. In a way, this image is my way of connecting to them, to us, in this feeling.

ROBERT: Midnight silence is my favourite illustration. I like the Idea of a big city with millions of people living in it, and at night, when all the people go to sleep, it is silent. I like the contrast created by the busy metropolis throughout the day with the silence at night, when everyone has to rest. I think it is kind of beautiful.

Stella, your illustrations for this collection seem to follow the same isometric pattern. Why have you chosen this approach?

I associate our word of feelings with a maze, the maze with an infinite effort, the effort with the decision making struggle, the decision making struggle with a lot of stairs one has to climb, a lot of doors one has to open... as you see, I am getting deeper and deeper. But, technically speaking, isometry is the perfect perspective to show the ‘in-depth’ nature of things.

Robert, all your illustrations for this collection feature women characters. Why?

The simple answer is that I like drawing the female body... It has lots of curves that are more sexy. The more elaborate answer is that I think most of us associate being vulnerable and open to our feelings as more feminine traits, whereas us males are considered more ‘stoic’. So it felt more natural to use female characters to show a wider range of frames of mind.

If you age any questions you'd like the artists to answer, don't hesitate to drop them in the comments below. Here is the entire collection, for your viewing (and shopping pleasure):


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